What We Do?

Optical components: microlenses for laser diode collimation, fiber-optic collimators, fiber-optic brain implants, etc.
Photonics devices: from down-to-earth miniature fluorescence microscopes for neuroscience research to fiber-optic collimators for space applications.

Optical components design and manufacturing

Gradient-index cylindrical and homogeneous acylindrical lenses for the collimation of laser diodes. Rotationally symmetric aspheric lenses. Filters, wedges, prisms, etc.

Photonics components design and manufacturing

Fiber-optic collimators, cannulas, patch cords, LED, LD and Ce:YAG based light sources, fluorescence cubes, photodetectors, miniature microscopes.

Short manufacturing runs & prototyping

Our ability to provide customized optical components is often a contributing factor to faster prototyping of optical systems. We are actively implementing automation and robotization of our product lines.

Original design manufacturing

You have an optical product to manufacture? We can help!

Original equipment manufacturing

In need of an optical component for your product? We can help!

Some of the things
We Do

Photonics assembly from prototypes and short runs to full-fledged production requires all sorts of micro-optics and photonics components, appropriate manufacturing processes and management structure. Here are some examples that are helping us to stand up to the challenge:

  • Cutting, grinding and polishing of glasses, lenses and optical fibers
  • Opto-mechanical design
  • Precision measurements
  • Automation and robotization of the photonics assembly
  • Pigtailing/connectorizing of LEDs and LDs
  • Assembly of fiber-optic collimators for space and terrestrial applications
  • Photonics supply chain management

The reasons to subcontract your assembly works to us?


To shorten time to market

Making the photonics prototypes can be tantalizing task rife with delays, cost overruns, wrong choices, etc. Having in-house optical shop provides flexibility that removes a great deal of uncertainty and speeds up the execution. For our experienced team of engineers and technicians, making the prototypes of optical devices and monitoring of photonics assembly production is a daily routine.


To reduce total system cost

Being fully equipped optical assembly lab, we have most of the equipment that you might need in prototype phase. For you that means that do not need to procure those items to start with. Chances are, some of our versatile robots are already configured to assemble your prototype or your production run.


One stop shop for full custom solution

Supply chain management, in house optical component production or adaptation, automated and robotized photonics assembly supervised by production engineers and research scientists makes up a unique one stop source.