Doric Workshop - Miniature Microscopy - Fiber Photometry - Doric Neuroscience Studio - CERVO - Doric Lenses

VIP invitation

You have until August 31st to take advantage of your VIP invitation and reserve your spot 
for the Doric Workshop in Quebec City, November 7-8 2019.

The regular registration will start
on September 1st and
places are limited.

Information & registration request:

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Registration cost:
$800 USD per participant

Improve your efficiency in Fiber Photometry 

and Miniature Microscopy with 
our demonstration workshop.

Organized by Doric Lenses in partnership with the CERVO Brain Research Center,
November 7 and 8, 2019 in Quebec City

You are using or planning to use one of our fiber photometry or miniature microscopy systems, you are wondering if you have the best setup, you have questions regarding day-to-day usage, you want to improve your expertise in the field or you simply want to shorten your learning curve, mark your calendar, this Doric workshop is for you!

This two-day workshop will allow you to:

  • Interact directly with experts and get valuable insights

  • Learn to avoid common mistakes

  • Get access to live demonstration of the implantation processes

  • Exchange ideas and network with peers

  • Take full advantage of the Doric Neuroscience Studio by learning its advance functions

  • Achieve a deeper understanding of all the different technic, instruments and software involved

  • Assist to application talks from experts in the field

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Workshop details:
  • The Doric Workshop will take place at the CERVO Brain Research Center in Quebec City 
     2601 Chemin de la Canardière, Québec, QC G1J 2G3 (


What’s included:

  • Two full days of training (see program below)

  • Accommodations for 2 nights (breakfast included) in the heart of Quebec City

  • Shuttle between the hotel and the research center

  • Coffee breaks, 2 diners and 2 cocktails


Training breakdown:

  • Theoretical / background presentations:

   - Miniature microscopy basics and systems with Harold Dehez, Ph.D. project leader of microscopy
     systems at Doric Lenses

   - Fiber Photometry basics and systems with Olivier Dupont-Therrien, Ph.D., software architect and
     photometry specialist at Doric Lenses

   - Surgical procedure (cannula implantation, cell labeling, SILK/AAV coating)

  • Demonstrations

    - Fiber Photometry: System set-up and configuration (e.g. lock-in demodulation), live demonstrations
      of the mono-fiber cannula implantation, live experiments with freely behaving animals
      & synchronization with other devices.

   - Microscopy: System set-up and configuration, live demonstrations of the imaging cannula implantation,
     live experiments with freely behaving animals & synchronization with other devices.

  • Application talks: TBD

  • Analysis tools & Bring Your Own Data- Image processing (Doric Neuroscience Studio and MATLAB)

   - Photometry data processing (Doric Neuroscience Studio and MATLAB)

   - Experiment design and open discussion