Double Convex Aspheric Lenses

Aspheric double-convex lenses are made of optically transparent and homogeneous materials and have at least an aspheric surface if not both. These lenses are used for collimation of light sources and for focusing of collimated light beams or in two finite conjugates configurations to achieve high NA with a glass material of lower refractive index. We can produce custom aspheric double-convex lenses out of most common glasses having up to 400 mm diameter. For custom lenses specifications use the ordering code template below and we will assign the appropriate radii and aspheric coefficients to them. 

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ORDERING CODE:  ADCX_[Glass]_[EFL]@[λ]_[WD]_[NA]_[t]_[Φ]_[Coating]

- Optical material
- Effective focal length (mm)
- Focal length wavelength (nm)
- Working distance (mm)
- Numerical Aperture
- Lens thickness (mm)
Lens diameter (mm)
[Coating]- Optical surface coating