Double Convex Acylindric Lens

Double-convex lenses have one or both acylindric surfaces.

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Double-convex lenses have one or both acylindric surfaces. They can be used in two finite conjugates configuration or when high NA is needed with lower refractive index glass material.

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ORDERING CODE: ACL_DCX_Glass_EFL@λ_WD_NA_h_L_S1(λ1- λ2)_S2(λ1- λ2)

Glass - Optical material
EFL - Effective focal length (mm)
λ - Wavelength used for EFL calculation
WD - Working distance (mm)
NA - Numerical aperture
h - Lens height (mm)
L - Lens length (mm)
S1(λ1- λ2) - Coating code
S2(λ1- λ2) - Coating code

S1 and S2 are reserved for the lens coating specification code. The most common examples are provided in Preferred Coating Table. AR means Anti-reflective coating. Unless otherwise specified, R<0.5% across usable numerical aperture of the lens and within appropriate spectral range.

For other parameters consult PDF.