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  • FAC lens

    When full angle fast axis beam divergence of laser diode exceeds 60 degrees, the best collimating lens type is high refractive index acylindrical plano-convex lens. The applications of those microlenses might call for shorter or longer working distance but no side lobes are present in either case.

  • Plano-convex
  • Double-convex

    Double-convex acylindric lenses are cylindrical lenses with both surfaces having aspheric coefficients. These lenses are optimized for infinite conjugates configurations, and are generally used for collimation of laser diode fast-axis.

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    The FAR lens collimates fast-axis divergence of a single mode laser diode with an acylindric convex surface and then adjusts the beam divergence with an concave cylindrical surface. The thickness of the lens is used to correct the astigmatism of the diode.

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