Light Intensity Distributor

The Light Intensity Distributor is an intensity splitter.

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The fiber coupled laser sources typically offer high intensity within a relatively small fiber diameter. When running several simultaneous in vivo experiments with those types of sources, it makes perfect sense to use the Light Intensity Distributor which is basically an intensity splitter. By doing this, the required number of modulation channels, drivers and optical sources can be reduced. Our patent pending Light Intensity Distributor provides a compact, connectorized package with the low insertion and polarization dependent loss (PDL), ideal for multimode fibers.

VIS stands for visible wavelength range from 450 to 650 nm. Other ranges available as custom product. The expected intensity percentage in each channel is typically 80% divided by the number of channels.

NB: Our standard products assume the use of identical fiber diameters, receptacles and equal intensity for each channel. However, this can be customized if needed at extra cost.

Inut/Output NA0.22 to 0.50 typical
Input/Output Fiber Core Diameter50 to 600 μm typical
Dimensions41 x 39 x 19 mm³ including connectors


1x4 Light Intensity Dristributor OR Light Spectrum Mixer

Download (100.28k)


1x3 Light Intensity Distributor OR 1x3 Light Spectrum Mixers

Download (94.73k)