Connectorized Laser Diode Modules

Doric miniature Connectorized Laser Diode Modules have FC receptacles compatible with FC connectorized multimode optical fibers having 50 µm or larger core diameters and at least 0.22 NA.

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Excluding base plate and electric pigtail, the module size is 24.6 x 36.8 x 12.0 mm3. The base plate is used as a passive heat sink and can be used to secure the module to an optical table for an even better thermal stability. The module connects only to Doric Laser Diode Module Driver over the M8 electrical pigtail. Each module contains an EPROM memory allowing the Driver to recognize the device and set the corresponding maximum current, preventing accidental overdrive of the laser diode by the user.

The CLDM's driver (LDMD) can be controlled using the Doric Neuroscience Studio, allowing more complex forms of control than through standalone use.

Laser diode codes

Laser diode pinout

Optical Fiber ConnectorFC/APC
Optical Fiber Core/NA50 - 100 μm/0.22
Input CurrentLD model dependent; see datasheet
Forward VoltageLD model dependent; see datasheet
Dimensions64 mm x 56 mm x 22 mm including connectors
Mass104 g


User manual for the connectorized laser diode module and the laser diode module driver

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Connectorized laser diode module

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