Laser Diode Fiber Light Source: 2-channel model

This is a more compact alternative to combination of a Connectorized Laser Diode Module and a Laser Diode Module Driver with 2 channels.

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Each channel has a BNC input connector for up to 10 kHz TTL/analog modulation of the driving current and a BNC output connector for monitoring the driving current or for synchronization with other devices. Its laser safety features include a rear panel interlock connector, a master key switch and a white LED illuminated control knobs indicating laser diode operation. Also, each FC optical connector has a metal dust cap that acts as protective mechanical shutter. Unlike most commercial laser diode drivers, our linear driving electronics eliminates leakage current to get no light output for zero set current. That means no residual light exits from the laser diode when the driving current is set to zero. This feature is important for optogenetics experiments. The available wavelengths and fiber-coupled power values are given in the table below. For multichannel models, any wavelength combination is available. The housing size of 2-channel model is 233 x 86 x 37 mm3.

Laser diode codes

Output NA0.22
Input - Modulation0 - 2.5 V
Output - MonitoringLD model dependent
Maximum current (typical)150 mA
Dimensions234 mm x 50 mm x 105 mm Including connectors


SFN 2017 Fiber Light Source Brochure

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User Manual for Laser Diode Fiber Light Source

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