Integrated Fluorescence Mini Cube - LED & Doric Detector

The heart of the Fiber Photometry System!

Discover the simplified PLUG-DIAL-&-PLAY design of the new cube with integrated LED light sources featuring adjustable intensity dial and integrated detector heads.

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More details

On-cube light sources

  • Improved reliability by eliminating the need for optical fiber between external light sources and the cube
  • Intensity of the blue and UV LED light set by rotating their dial

On-cube fluorescence detection heads

  • 100% signal-to-noise ratio improvements
  • 30% stronger signal
  • 40% noise reduction


Neural activity recording (calcium, dopamine, etc.):

  • GCaMP
  • RCaMP
  • dLight
  • FRET

Opsin Activation:

  • ChR2
  • NpHR3.0
  • Red-shifted opsin

The Integrated Fluorescence Mini Cubes are also available with 3 to 7 ports.