Ce:YAG & Blue Fiber Light Sources

The Ce:YAG & Blue Fiber Light Source consists of an optical head and an electrical driver linked with a single electric cable (DB15-HD connectors). Both light sources can be independently modulated.

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The driver of the Ce:YAG & Blue Fiber Light Source includes similar features for the second light source, which are: push/rotary control knob with white LED indicator and input/output BNC connectors. It is important to note that both light sources (Ce:YAG and blue light sources) are independently modulated up to a rate of 10 kHz either in stand-alone or computer-controlled operation through Doric free software. Considering the high brightness of the Ce:YAG source output and the availability of a 450 nm blue laser diode, the optical head includes an attached FC metal cap and the driver is equipped with a rear panel interlock connector and a master key switch for compliance with Class 3B laser systems. Custom filters available on request.

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Wavelength codes Ce:YAG

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