Ce:YAG + LED Optical Head


This Ce:YAG optical head is coupled with a 465 nm LED.

More details

Optical heads of Ce:YAG Fiber Light Sources are optimized for optical fibers core diameters of 200 µm to 400 µm and numerical aperture NA = 0.53. The fiber-coupled output power increases with the core diameter up to about 600 µm.

The optical output is thus well optimized for unilateral and bilateral activation/silencing in optogenetics experiments and for Doric Optogenetically Synchronized Fluorescence Microscopy Systems. A Ce:YAG optical head is also included with each 2-color Fluorescence Microscope System (using a different driver).


Ce:YAG + LED output

Ce:YAG Optical heads Output power

Output NA0.63
Input CurrentLight source dependent
Forward VoltageLight source dependent
Dimensions150 mm x 100 mm x 85 mm
Mass1300 g


Manual for the Ce:YAG+LED/LD optical head

Download (6.13M)


Ce:YAG + LED Optical Head

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    Each Ce:YAG Optical Head is delivered with an empty Filter Holder for Ce:YAG Fiber Light Source (YFH). This holder can accept up to 5 mm thick filters of 25 or 25.4 mm diameter. Doric standard Bandpass filters are sold already mounted in a filter holder (YBPF).

  • CAD$0.00

    Drivers are offered in 3 models shown and all models include a first channel for controlling the Ce:YAG source driving current. For Ce:YAG Optical Heads including an internal blue source, either an LED or a laser diode (LD), the corresponding drivers include a second channel for the blue source.