Behavior Tracking Camera

Add behavior tracking to any Doric system with the Doric Color and B&W cameras. The camera uses GigE Vision interface standard typical of high-performance industrial cameras. This interface provides a framework for streaming high-speed video and related control data over Ethernet networks.

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The optogenetics enables precise triggering or silencing of the brain cells with light. The electrophysiology can be used to deliver electrical trigger signal and to record the neuronal activity. The chronically implanted fluorescence microscopes and fiber photometry probes can monitor the neuronal activity. The filming of the animal is complementary information needed to establish correlation between the neuronal activity of the specific brain region and the animal behavior. The Neuroscience Studio Software seamlessly integrates neuronal imaging, fiber photometry, electrophysiological recording, optogenetics stimulation and behavioral tracking of the freely-moving animals.

The Behavior Tracking Camera System includes:

  • the Color or Black and White Camera,
  • the Wide-angle Lens,
  • the Ethernet Gigabit PoE+ Switch,
  • all cables required.
Dimensions29 x 29 x 57 mm
Mass65 g
Frame rate50 fps at full resolution
Resolution1920 x 1200 pixels
Pixel size2.8 x 2.8 µm
Sensor format1/2.8
Lens mountC/CS
Exposure20 µs to 30 s
Gain0 to 48 dB
  • CAD$0.00

    The Basic Fluorescence Microscopy System - Deep Brain (150 µm to 8 mm depth) contains all the items necessary to do deep-brain calcium imaging of freely-moving animals.

  • CAD$0.00

    This Single-channel Two-color Fiber Photometry System contains all the items necessary to do photometry measurements of two independent colors in freely-moving animals for GFP-like and RFP-like fluorophores. 

  • Our vast product line allows you to build different applications such as miniaturized fluorescence microscopy, fiber pho-tometry or optogenetically synchronized electrophysiology. In order to help you implementing the best applications, we created an intuitive software which allows you to control the hardware and acquire all the required...