Fiber Photometry Components

This section contains all the necessary components to build a fiber photometry system.

Fiber Photometry Components 


  • Fiber Photometry Console

    This FPGA based data acquisition unit synchronizes the output control and the acquisition of the input data. This device seamlessly integrates with Doric Neuroscience Studio that provides user interface for multi-channel photometry experiments.

  • Integrated Fluorescence Mini Cubes
    In order to optimize signal detection, it is desirable to minimize the number of fiber optic connections in the detection signal optical path. By taking advantages of the new Doric Fluorescence Detector head and amplifier, it is possible to integrate the Fluorescence Detector Head directly into the Mini Cube detection port. This new integrated fluorescence mini cube with built-in fluorescence detector head allows for an increase in signal transmission of 30% due to the proximity of the detector active surface and signal source, as well as the reduced number of optical connections.
  • Connectorized Fluorescence Mini Cubes

    The fiber photometry experiments may require a different number of excitation and detection channels, an optional optogenetically synchronized activation/silencing channel etc., directly affecting the number of the fluorescence cube ports. The sample itself requires fixed or rotating port. As there are number of different possibilities of assigning these ports, our cube classification is based on a number of ports. So far, we offer fluorescence mini-cube models with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 ports.

  • Photodetectors

    Typically, the excitation optical power in mW range produces fluorescence response in nW range. The detection of such a low level signals requires a low-noise amplified photodetector (APD) or photomultiplier tube (PMT).

  • Fiber Photometry Accessories