Microscope Components 


  • Twist-on Microscope Bodies
  • Snap-in Microscope Bodies

    This section contains the different microscope bodies available.

  • Twist-on Imaging Cannulas
  • Snap-in Imaging Cannulas

    Ordinary fiber-optic cannulas send light along the optical fiber but do not create or capture an image. The imaging cannula can transfer an image but only over a very short distance in highly turbid media like brain tissue. For areas near the brain surface use the Snap-in Imaging Cannula Model S. For deeper brain regions use the Snap-in Imaging Cannula Model L with image guiding gradient-index rod lens that brings the image from inside the brain to the skull surface. Snap-in Imaging Cannulas are compatible with all Fluorescence Microscope Bodies of the corresponding model. Each Snap-in Imaging Cannula comes with a protective cap and it is a good practice to put it on the implanted cannula when the microscope body is not snapped on.

  • Microscope Drivers

    This category contains all the driver types for the Miniature Fluorescence Microscopes.

  • Microscope Accessories

    Microscope holder, snap-in tool, etc...