Splitters / Combiners

As fiber optics is finding wider use in microscopy, optogenetics and life sciences in general, it is becoming increasingly popular to use wavelength and intensity division or combination of the light within fiber optic circuits.

Splitters / Combiners 


  • Doric Mini Cubes

    Inspired by the microscopy cubes and the need for user friendly beam-splitting in the fiber-optics applications, we have developed a family of Doric Mini Cubes and Multiple Splitters, that integrate beam-splitting glass plates, collimation lenses and fiber-optic receptacles, all in small and convenient connectorized or pigtailed packages.

  • Micro Splitters

    To further reduce the body of the bulk optics splitters, they need to be pigtailed rather than connectorized. This product family we call Doric Micro Splitters. Their small size and low transmission losses make those micro splitters a superior alternative to branching fiber-optic patch cords. When combined with those splitters, the standard Fiber-optic Rotary Joint 1x1, Fiber-optic & Liquid Rotary Joint, Fiber-optic & Electrical Rotary Joint and Assisted Optical & Electrical Rotary Joint can be turned into bilateral optical stimulation ready joints. As an illustration of its performance, x1 fiber-optic rotary joint combined with Doric Micro Splitter has over 30% transmission per channel, less than 5% transmission difference between the channels and less than 5% power variation during rotation. They are second only to 1x2 Fiber-optic Rotary Joint. They can be  also used in OEM devices whenever the space is limited.

  • Multiple Splitters / Combiners