Inspired by the fast growth of electronics contract manufacturing and the need for equivalent services in photonics industry, Doric Lenses Inc. is evolving into global provider of photonics contract manufacturing services. 

Our concept of photonics contract manufacturing includes the following aspects:
  • Design of optical components
  • Optical components manufacturing
  • Prototyping, short runs
  • Original design manufacturing (ODM) service
  • Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) service or assembly of photonics products
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
As recognized experts in design and fabrication of optical components and having a proven track record in optical assemblies, we help our customer to:
  • shorten time to market of their optics based products,
  • reduce total system cost
  • develop products well-suited for photonics manufacturing. Being involved in optical components
  • fabrication and photonics assembly we can design optical components to fit assembly process (manufacturing design).
In photonics contract manufacturing, we can either execute the procedures developed by our customers or develop the assembly procedure from the start. Our engineering team breaks photonics manufacturing process into series of simpler tasks and prescribes the most efficient production procedure. The assembly is performed by a team of well-trained assemblers under the close supervision of the members of the engineering team. While being at the forefront of new micro-optics component developments, we are strategically positioned to gain the first hand view of the new photonics components and to develop appropriate manufacturing process. Some photonics manufacturing services we currently provide are:
  • Pigtailing one, two or three LEDs to a multimode optical fiber
  • Assembly of single and array of fiberoptic collimators
  • Assembly of silicon V-grooves
  • Mounting collimating lenses on laser diodes
  • Assembly of medical, industrial, telecom and security related equipment
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