About us

The company was founded by Dr. Sead Doric in January of 1995 with the mission to market patented gradient-index cylindrical lenses for collimation of laser diodes. 

The lenses received two "best product" awards from influential photonics trade magazines in 1996 and quickly gained international recognition. Building on the success of gradient-index lenses, other types of cylindrical lenses like rods, cut-rods and a whole family of acylindric lenses have been added to our product portfolio. What has started as a small marketing outlet is now fully functional optical production facility producing wide variety of optical components to the tightest tolerance. 

Incited by need for assembly of photonics devices during the telecom boom, we have redefined our optical component business to include photonics contract manufacturing services (photonics assemblies). 

Ever since, the continuous stream of new optical components and diversified photonics contract manufacturing services has been fueling company’s steady growth turning it into a global supplier of optical components and provider of photonics contract manufacturing services. 

As we move forward, our work in photonics contract manufacturing has revealed the need for highly efficient and integrated photonics supply chain management. The company’s response is creation of photonics distribution center strategically positioned inside North American Free Trade zone to cater for photonics needs of our large customer base. The center will handle “doric” brand products and other well-known photonics components and systems brands. 

We strongly believe that only highly-integrated system of optical component manufacturing, photonics contract manufacturing and photonics supply chain management can bring competitive high-volume photonics products rapidly to the market. 

Sead Doric, president